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Coaching Services


Kostya has been coaching for over seven years in the following formats:

  • After school chess classes

  • Private lessons (both online and in-person)

  • Club Lectures

  • Group Classes, including the BAC A-Team & Intermediate Team

  • Summer Camps


I believe that a coach's job is not only to instruct, but to develop an individualized training regimen that suits the needs of each student. A coach should utilize the variety of training resources available (books, sites, apps, software, etc.) and guide the student to using them most effectively. Finally, a coach should motivate the student to work and improve their game as much as possible. 


With every student I work with, my focus is to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to teach the process of how to improve the different facets of the game, i.e. how to train calculation, how to learn a new opening, how to improve middlegame/endgame play, and so on.

I believe in working on all aspects of the game with each student, which includes:

  • Opening understanding

  • Opening theory/preparation

  • Middlegame planning & execution

  • Calculation

  • Endgame understanding

  • Endgame theory

  • Practical chess play (prophylaxis, bluffing, decision making, etc.)

For lesson inquiries, please contact Kostya here:

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60 minutes session  -  $90

90 minutes session  -  $135

120 minutes session - $180

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